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 MTH Mart

MTH Mart is a admin controled traders and is open to all server members, to be a member you must be signed up on the forum, 

The admins are here to make it a little easier to help secure your gear by giving you the option to buy building supplies at one place and in bulk. We will let you know what we have in stock and when we are open.

Each week we will be running a deal of some kind, we will post it Friday on this forum.

This is considered a trader so it is a safe zone .

No one is allowed inside the trader , gold must be placed in the shed set up out back and supplies will be given after payment.

Make yourself know when entering the area not doing so could get you shot.

Other supplies Guns , Ammo and Vehicles will be available soon , Vehicles will be sold with your server uid added to it so keys will not be needed and gear and vehicle will still be safe from looters and no more worring about keys.

So hope you all enjoy the server and have fun

The prices are not set in stone for all..



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