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  Making Things Happen

  ON DAYZ ....    

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     "Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse"


Server Info..

Chernarus - Epoch



Active admins


Day and Night

Weekdays PVP Cherno to Elektro only

Weekends Fri-Sun PVP entire map

 Donation Perks

Server Member Perks 

Friendly Gamming  Community

Clans Are Welcome.


*Map Addons*


*Self Bloodbag

$ Repair $

$ Rearm Vehicle Weapons $

*Tons of Vehicles

*Ai Groups 

3 Ai Cities

*MTH/Lost City `Not for the weak

*FNC/Fallen City

*UBF/United Bandit Forces City

*30+ Missions and Events

*Lots of Extra Buildings Spawning Loot

*Tame A Dog

*Base Building no Limit on objects

*Balota , NEAF , NWAF Upgraded

*New Coast line Cities


The MTH Dayz Server is a long running server dedicated to the guys who enjoy kicking back and playing the game with good people. The server is under password protection during the week and is opened up on the weekends for  pvp action and to find new server members. Along with roaming Ais the server has 30+ missions with loot as the reward. Two Ai cities to fight your way through do it alone or have back up you may need it.

Clans are welcome to join the server, and join in on  server clan wars and clan events scheduled by admins.

* Asking for help is one thing but nagging admins is another... Admins are willing to help people out if needed just don't make it a habit.

* Base raiding or rapping is not allowed and are off limits to those without permission.

* Locked Vehicles parked at a base are off limits and cannot be taken or destroyed .

* No Hoarding vehicles  , No killing inside the traders or camping traders  . 

* Admins are not responsible  for your connection if you crash a heli or any vehicle do to connection . So don't ask for it to be replaced.

* Game Glitches are a pain in the ass but again admins cant always replace what is lost its something that is out of our control.

* Admins have the right to kick or even ban players for causing problems on the server for other players or members.

* Keep side talking down on server you will be warned then kicked.

* We encourage members to use Raid Call a account is set info is posted below.

The server is dedicated to the guys who like to kick back and have a good time with good people not a bunch of assholes killing everyone on sight. We are not saying that this is a 100% safe server but we do our best at weeding out the assholes. The admins are fair and will not tolerate players causing problems for others.

Have Fun and Enjoy the server.

 Raidcall server and New Teamspeak Server 


Make Things Happen  6012759

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Server News 1-07-14

We have added the script so that any vehicle left and not used will be deleted after 10 days. This is to keep the number of vehicles down and to add room for fresh spawns.

MTH has opened up a trader base and is selling hard to find items and bulk building supplies. This area is considered a trader area so it is a safe zone. It will only be opened when Admins are on and are present at the trader base.

Working on purchasing vehicles at MTH Trader base you will get your game id linked to that vehicle so it can be locked with no key, yep no keys needed.  


Password is nobs

Want to help out with the cost Click To Donate above. This shit isn't free......
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